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People with disabilities are becoming more empowered all over the world. More and more people are banding together to drive the disability rights movement closer to success. While the disability rights movement hasn’t achieved the kind of attention other civil rights movement have, their efforts are gaining momentum and creating real change.

With this empowerment comes increased mobility and increased presence in our communities. People with disabilities have jobs, run businesses, buy homes, and participate in the social and political activities within their communities. Simply put, people with disabilities get around.

Some disabilities require accommodations to improve their mobility. Wheel chairs, for example, cannot always access all of the spaces open to the public. Other disabilities require different accommodations. For example, people with vision loss need to “read” signs in braille, so tactile signs must be provided at appropriate levels to ensure full access.

Knowledgeable Disability Access Consultants can help you identify areas in need of improvement in order to comply with legal requirements. They can also provide insight and understanding that will enable you to surpass the letter of the law and embrace the spirit of full access. The best consultants will have intimate knowledge of the needs of people with disabilities and can help you take the steps necessary to make your spaces truly welcoming.

If you need the assistance of Disability Access Consultants, you can contact us to learn how to get the consultation services you need to demonstrate your commitment to full access to your public spaces for everyone, including people with disabilities. We look forward to helping spark a positive impact in your community.

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