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Architects take responsibility for ensuring the quality of their constructions by specifying materials and grades on every job. For many of the users of those buildings, it is the details that make the difference. When it comes to taking responsibility, an eye for detail can make a big difference for users with visual impairments.

Brailliant Touch Australia is a national signage company that specialises in braille, tactile and wayfinding signage for Australian constructions. Creators of stock and custom signage, Brailliant Touch Australia adds quality to buildings by delivering a necessary service that adds to users’ experience of the space within.

Both people with disabilities and non-native English speakers use tactile signage to help them navigate larger buildings and public facilities. These users rely on quality signage in order to complement their experiences of the spaces architects design. Since the quality of their experiences is so dependent upon signage, the architect’s name becomes tied to an aspect of how designs are realized that the architect may not have considered before.

Talented, quality-conscious architects put a great deal of thought and energy in thinking through every aspect of how the spaces they design are experienced. Thoughts on light become specifications of glass. Thoughts on environment become specifications on beams. Thoughts on sound become specifications for acoustics. All these details contribute to the total quality achieved.

Architects can also specify the quality of the signage used within their constructions. By specifying the use of Brailliant Touch Australia’s stock and custom signage, architects can provide a quality experience for all of the users of their buildings, regardless of their needs. Contact us to learn more about the difference quality makes in braille, tactile, and wayfinding signage.

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