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If you’ve ever been lost then you know a clear sign is probably the most beautiful sight in the world, even if the sign clashes with its surroundings.

But as a designer, you undoubtedly understand the power signage possesses. Well designed signage has the power to alter a mood, create ambiance and to serve functions beyond simple communication.

Creating a Mood

A hospital building, a bus shelter, a sporting arena, each entity strives to create a certain mood. Whether one of security or one of strength, the signage posted on that structure must convey the structure’s prevailing mood, if not its purpose. How does a sign do this?

Well considered balances between color, font and spacing are key to iconic images. Red emergency entrance signs in front of hospitals provide direction as well as a sense of urgency while a vertical sign in a subdued tone captures a disoriented traveler’s attention and eases panic.

Embodying a Style

In his documentary on decoding signage, Alexander Tochilovsky, a professor of design and typography, explains how a city’s past is often displayed through signage. Hollow, metal frames are echoes of the gaslight style that lit up New York City in the 1940s.

Perhaps even more iconic are the Parisian signs displayed in Louis Fili’s book, Graphique De La Rue: The Street Signs of Paris. From metro stations to the Moulin Rouge, the font and imagery reflect the romance and understated flair that is the City of Light.

Designing Your Sign

Whether your signage demands practicality or charm, a clear style that reflects its purpose are the necessary hallmarks of an iconic image.

Brailliante Touch signage designers take these visual elements into consideration when creating signage for each project. Clarity, tactile ease and aesthetics are equally important.

Interested in creating your own iconic sign, one that is recognizable both visually and through touch? Then please contact us for more information.

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