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As technology, materials and construction techniques open up worlds of design elements previously unimaginable, it is more important than ever to ensure that the space is as functional and accessible as it is beautiful. When you hear the words “Disability Access” most people imagine the close parking spots painted with wheelchair bound stick figures and ramps. Rarely are the visually impaired remembered in planning until it is almost too late.

When a company or organization begins designing their facility, much goes into how the space makes clients feel. Colors are selected purposefully, decor crafted to be  the perfect accent, either by ramping up how excited a customer feels in your space or else by calming and soothing anxiety they may feel. For the visually impaired, some or all of that could be lost.

There are ways to incorporate those with visual impairments into feeling welcomed by the environment the business has created. Accessibility is not only required by law but it is a gesture of understanding that customers have different needs that your company, or the company you are working with, is able to meet. Whether you choose the simpler braille-enhanced signage or select to combine graphics with touch through tactile maps, your clients can reach all available audiences by addressing all facets of disability access. Access for the disabled population need not detract from the overall design and feel of a space. Brailliant Touch can work with designers to blend accessibility seamlessly into your dream space.

For assistance in exploring how to incorporate required disability access into your facility or upcoming design efforts contact us at Brailliant Touch.

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