When it comes to satisfying your projects needs, flexibility is the key! We use all types of materials and manufacturing methods to make sure we can deliver the right signage specified for the job. Below are just a few of the main products we produce but if it’s not listed here it doesn’t mean we don’t do it. For any other materials or accessibility products please speak to one of our team or have a read through our “Custom Signage” page.

BrailliantTouch® Encapsulated Braille signs

Braille Signs – versatile and durable

BrailliantTouch® Braille Signs are innovative and durable. Combining an ultra-resistant first surface polycarbonate membrane with a unique multi-layer system, BrailliantTouch® Braille signs provide versatile, sealed units that are superior Braille signs solutions for all users and facilities, particularly high-traffic areas where Braille signs often have a tough time with durability.

Photopolymer Signs

Brailliant Touch® has a wide variety of custom made photopolymer signs which are 100% compliant with the National Construction Code, 2015. The sign substrate is a photo-sensitive etched plastic that allows for well-defined and clear Braille and tactile surfaces. This helps in making signs functional and attractive.

Photopolymer signs are able to handle an unlimited amount of first surface sign paint, hot stamped and silk-screened colours as well as unlimited colour choice for signage fonts and architectural effects.

All photopolymer signs from Brailliant Touch Australia® are compliant with modular and custom made sign systems, direct-towall mounting, and frames.

Tactile Maps

Tactile Maps – the Perfect Solution for Public Places

Brailliant Touch ® tactile maps and interpretive panels are modern, long-lasting, and of course functional. Tactile Maps from Brailliant Touch® have been carefully researched and developed in collaboration with leading mobility experts in Australia.

By using the multi-layered Brailliant Touch® technology and expertise, tactile maps and panels guarantee convenience and accessibility to both directional and interpretive information that everyone can use, including visually impaired and disabled people.

Tactile maps and interpretive panels from Brailliant Touch® feature colour sub-surface images, ultra-resistant finish, and Braille and tactile elements that are the perfect solution for applications like:

  • Emergency and evacuation tactile maps for buildings and public facilities
  • Tactile wayfinding maps and floor plans for public spaces and facilities
  • Interpretaion in public areas such as parks, museums, galleries, tourist destinations, and schools
  • Ticketing machine panels

Custom and Modular Directories

Versatile, Attractive, and Easy to Modify and Update

To successfully implement a wayfinding solution, directory is essential. A directory allows a user to accurately locate a space, area, floor, room, or department within a facility.

Brailliant Touch® markets custom and modular directories. These come in a variety of styles, colours, and materials to meet your specific needs.

We are experts when it comes to Braille and tactile directories. We will provide you with:

  • A signage solution for high traffic areas such as schools, public transport systems and hospitals.

Fast and Versatile Insert Systems

The key to a functional sign system is versatility. Brailliant Touch® has the knowledge and expertise to use a changeable insert system for signs to meet your requirements and suit the décor of the building. Another common name for an insert system sign is a ‘living sign’. Such signs are ideal for public areas such as schools and hospitals that require constant updates to signage while remaining within a budget. Benefits of a living sign system include:

  • Ability to produce sign inserts on an inkjet printer
  • Option to change sign inserts when required
  • Ability to easily print off a new insert to slide into the sign

Modular Sign Systems from Brailliant Touch®

Spoiled for choice!

Brailliant Touch Australia’s® sign membrane is versatile and can match any mainstream modular sign system on the market today. Sign membranes from Brailliant Touch® can be easily and accurately cut and adhered to any modular surface of well-known manufactured systems such as:

  • DanSign
  • Mirtec
  • Triline
  • JRS Co
  • Artemus
  • ASI Modulex
  • Nexus
  • Vista
  • Spandex…

Brailliant Touch® modular sign systems come in a great range of shapes, sizes, and designs. They are versatile and can be easily adapted to suit a number of projects, settings, and needs. A modular sign system can be an affordable and attractive sign solution for any high-traffic public space.

Tactile Ground Surface Indicators

Wholesalers and installers of Tactile Ground Surface Indicators, Brailliant Touch Australia, offer a wide range of products using different materials such as rubber, cork, rubber, ceramic, concrete, compound, acrylic, and stainless steel. Our range of Tactile Ground Surface Indicators is in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Building Code of Australia.

Tactile Ground Surface Indicators are an essential part of a wayfinding system as it links Braille signage to routes used by visually impaired people.

In Australia there are a number of examples of Tactile Ground Surface Indicators that have been incorrectly installed. This is dangerous for visually impaired people and it can put them into immediate danger. It is important to get it right from the get go. So, if you are looking to get a Tactile Ground Surface Indicator installed, make sure to use Brailliant Touch® Tactile Ground Surface Indicators, which are all made out of the highest quality materials and comply with AS1428.4.