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Close your eyes and try to imagine your surroundings. Use your ears to hear the person talking across the coffee shop from you. Run your hands over the table in front of you. Can you smell the aroma of the coffee brewing behind the counter? The longer you sit with your eyes closed, the stronger your other senses may become. Now imagine being unable to see anything, and needing to rely on your other senses to understand and interact with the world around you. It may sound easy, but most people would not last an hour doing this. For the visually impaired, it is their whole life.

You may not realize it, but you rely on signs for a lot of information about the world. Where you are, where you are going, what is around you. Visually impaired people also rely on signs to interact and understand the world around them. You have probably noticed braille signs in various buildings and locations – these are the signs that a visually impaired person would use to figure out which office they were outside of, or where the restroom was. By interacting with braille signs, a visually impaired person is able to better understand their position in a building and how to get where they are going.

Brailliant Touch specializes in custom braille and tactile signage. Their years of experience have allowed them to become experts when it comes to traditional or custom signs for the visually impaired. They even offer stock signage for things such as doors and restrooms. To get started with an order for signs for the visually impaired, contact Brailliant Touch, today.

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