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Being visually impaired creates an array of limitations for the affected person. A lack of vision, usually means a diminished independence for that person. This may also mean declined mental and physical health and result in the person feeling like a burden. Members of our society should never feel like a burden. They should be enabled  to take care of themselves and live meaningful lives. That is why braille signage is such an important aspect for accommodating the visually impaired.

How braille signage gives the visually impaired independence

Seeing Eye Dogs and canes for the blind simply aren’t enough. The visually impaired need to be able to travel from one place to another, know where they are and which door leads to their chosen destination. Anywhere there is a sign for someone with vision, there should be another sign for the visually impaired. Braille signage means blind people are more able to get jobs since they can utilize public transportation without help. They can visit and patron local business, they can enjoy a quality life which they would otherwise be limited from and they can contribute to society.

How braille signage is beneficial to the health of the visually impaired

Mental health has become a huge target of concern, for the world’s population, over the past couple of decades. It has been found that poor mental health often correlates with poor physical health as well.  The mental health of a visually impaired person may decline if they become confined to their house. They may become starved of social interaction, feel like a burden and/or become depressed or anxious. Their degrading mental statuses may lead to physical decline as well. Depression and anxiety is associated with higher blood pressure and an increased risk for heart attack or stroke along with other potentially detrimental illnesses. By enabling the visually impaired to independence, it greatly improves the chances for better quality of life, both mentally and physically for them.

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