Ensuring Safe Travels with Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSI)

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Unless you suffer from an impairment, you may not fully comprehend the difficulties faced each day. The visually impaired face many challenges from cooking to walking to the store. These challenges have been reduced greatly while decreasing the dangers faced by the visually impaired thanks to tactile ground surface indicators.

Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSI) are specially designed mats with varying textures and colors in order to direct and warn visually impaired pedestrians of upcoming dangers. TGSI consist of raised bumps or bars; seen most often along curbs ramps but can be located anywhere dangers are present such as stairs, lifts, crossings, elevators, and bus stops. These indicators can also be used to direct or lead the visually impaired to crosswalks to ensure safe travelling across the street.

TGSI offer a change in texture which the visually impaired feel with their feet or with a cane allowing them to perceive a change in the environment, whether it be a crossing or an upcoming danger. These indicators also help the visually impaired who have diminished eyesight by demonstrating a change in color, such as red or yellow, indicating the changes around them. TGSI increase the independence of the visually impaired while providing greater access to the community in a safe and efficient manner.

Ensuring the continual safety and independence of the visually impaired requires diligence when considering the details of building maintenance. When inspecting the building elements, take time to inspect the Tactile Ground Surface Indicators to guarantee safety. Inspect TGSI to flush edges to the ground, any wear to the indicator, and the vibrancy of color. If any of these elements are lacking, then consider replacing your surface indicators in order to continually provide safe service to all pedestrians and customers. Contact us for more information on how we can help you update your TGSI.

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